Basic knowledge

History Hour Start zone location

Health Information and Rules

Please train according to the race, contact your trainer and GP or a sports doctor. If you feel unwell or are injured, please consider not participating in the race. You enter the Contest at all times at your own risk. Please fill in the health information on the back of your chest number and the fields reserved for an emergency contact person.

We thank you.

Confirmation for Chest Number

You will be asked to show your ID when obtaining the chest number to verify your identity. You can also authorize someone else to have your number on your behalf.

Before the Race

Chest number

The chest number can only be obtained in person during Expo opening hours. Conditions for obtaining the starting number will be updated according to current measures.

All information about the Expo will be updated.

General Rules

It is strictly forbidden to use any means of transportation, to go to the park with a pram, to run with dogs or to carry children. Participation in the race is at the participants' own risk.

Chip and Timekeeping

Your chest number should be visibly fixed on your chest. Safety pins will be included in the envelope containing your starting number. Timekeeping will be tracked through chips that are affixed to the back of the chest number or attached to the shoelaces (not the ankle), which must never be removed during the race. No chips = no time! Chips are disposable. However, the organization can choose to use reusable chips in any case, it has the right to take the chips back at the finish line.

Time Limit

The time limit from the start of the race (start signal) is 3 hours for the half marathon, 2 hours for the 10 km, and 1 hour for the 5 km. The limit time is listed for each kilometer on the map of the race. All runners who exceed this time must leave the track for safety reasons and terminate their participation in the race.

Runner Code

A half marathon is not a sprint. It is completed at a distance of more than 21.1 Km. Be sure to go to the athlete's health check before the race. Follow the weather and dress as if the temperature were 5°C higher. Initially, you can wear an old jacket or T-shirt. All clothing left in the starting lanes will go to those in need. Fix your chest number in a visible place on your chest and complete the necessary details (contact, health, emergency contact information) on the back. This will facilitate the provision of medical assistance when needed. Use designated toilet areas. Follow the organizers' instructions. Look around before throwing, spitting, or blowing your bottle/glass. If you can't go any further, get to the edge of the track before stopping. This will avoid collisions and unexpected encounters. Beverage stations are meters long. Use all the space and don't stop at the first table. You can run with headphones if you want, but there are many bands and music spots along the track, so it would be a pity to miss them. Share with your fans the joy of completing the run only after you have crossed the finish line. Everyone is a winner. Enjoy running and happiness regardless of time. Health situation

Participate in the race only if you are in perfect health and after adequate preparation. We recommend that you go through a specialist control and pay close attention to your current health condition. If you are not feeling well, please consider not participating in the race. Enter your health information behind your starting number in case it is needed.

Race Day How do I get to the beginning? The Start is in front of the Congressium Convention Center. Please use public transport, Vehicles must be parked in the car parks. More information will be updated later or can be found on the Ankara Municipality public transport official website. Start Corridor Application The division into aisles is determined by your estimated time to finish the race you specified in the registration and the timeliness of your registration. Your corridor is relative to the group in your starting number. The entrance to the corridors is from the marked area and is only valid for the runners with the starting number. Tempo Setter Rabbit Athletes Athletes tasked with tempo setting; They will run with clearly visible markings according to their target finish times: 1:30, 1:40, 1:45, 2:00, 2:15, 2:30. You can find them in their corridors. Water Stations: It will be located at various points on the track. Please dispose of all your waste at the marked locations and directly in the garbage containers. This behavior; Provides efficient recycling. Technical Area - Service for Runners Locker room, bag storage, toilets and medal embroidery - all this can be found in the technical area (location will be indicated), the medal processing tent location will be indicated. Engraving the name and time on the back of the medal is subject to a fee. Entry is only possible for participants with a chest number and will be checked. Bag Delivery It is located in the technical area. Hand over your items to a volunteer standing next to the appropriate box/space corresponding to the last two digits of your chest number. The maximum accepted bag size is 25×45×70 cm. Larger luggage cannot be accepted for capacity and security reasons. Health Service Health care will be provided at the start, at the finish, in the technical area and throughout the course. If you need to call an ambulance, ask a volunteer or call the emergency services on 112 and tell them your chest number. If you are not feeling well or have been sick recently, it is best not to participate in the race. You enter the race at your own risk. There will be several medical points and ambulance points along the track. There will also be touring bike groups. On the back of your number, fill in the prepared fields for all necessary important information about your state of health in case of medical assistance. Toilets It will be located at the marked rest point such as the technical area and the start/finish area. Running Tips If this is your first time running a half marathon, you can find running tips on proper clothing, drink and nutrition on race day in the First-Time Runners (LINK3) section of our website.

After the Race Results related services Results will be published as soon as possible after the race. Ranking is based on the official time counted from the start of the race. If there is an error in your result within 5 working days after the race, you can contact us. Don't forget to give the name of the race, your starting number and as much detail as possible. Please follow the instructions of the organizers and volunteers!