How do you volunteer?

You can reach the information at

When you become a part of our Runkara team as a volunteer:

You will experience the unique atmosphere of an international running race. You will gain experience in organizing one of the biggest sports events in Turkey. You will make new friendships and new connections. You will be part of a team of people with experience, success, joy, support and trust. If there is interest and potential for improvement, you will have more opportunities for cooperation in the organization of the races. You will help us improve the quality of races and provide professional runner service. You will help keep the race going and you will be an important part of us.

Where can you help?

At the beginning and at the end Along the racetrack, In beverage stations, In the bag delivery area, As an information volunteer, As flag bearer What will volunteering do for you?

Each volunteer is given a t-shirt, bag or jacket, promotional and souvenir items, food and water, depending on the race type, Invitation to meetings with volunteers or to a post-race party, Invitation to the final party for the volunteers, Free trainings.